About us


About OSeventyOne

O71 is a start up which aims to transform the ice cream industry. The vision of the organization is to become one of the leading makers of gourmet ice creams as well as other dairy products, which will change the experience of the consumer by providing innovative and high quality products, at an affordable price.

Its mission is to revolutionise the ice cream industry by achieving a flawless synergy between the processes of supply chain & marketing which will ensure fair returns to our stake holders, enabling the organization to spread its network via acquisition or organically.

Our Flavours are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, where in we aim to minimize the usage of artificial additives & chemicals. We also specialise in developing customized products as per our clients’ requirements. We have various products ranging from Gelato, Popsicle, Kulfi, Frozen Dessert, Sorbet, Waffle, a selection of bakery products and thick shakes. We also have products for those with specialised dietary requirements; Vegan, Keto or Sugar Less.